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3 Answers

Runtime error while opening qbw32.exe

Uninstall and reinstall Quickbooks doing a clean install: https://community.intuit.com/articles/1021037-reinstall-using-a-clean-install

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3 Answers

Runtime error while opening qbw32.exe

program: c:\program files (x86)\ intuit\ quickbooks pro\ qbw 32.exe I am using windows 10 and find above mentioned error, how to rectify that.

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How do I Repair Quickbooks Negative Quantity on Hand?

To fix the negative inventory issue, you will need to either go through your data file and readjust the dates of the transactions to ensure that purchase transactions come before sales transactions. ...

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New company for new fiscal year

There's no need to start a new file unless there are problems with the old file. If you do, you would have to enter the YTD payroll info in the payroll set up wizard.

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Import IIF invoice file

You use the customer name on the NAME field.

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Convert .qbx to .qbo file?

See http://community.intuit.com/posts/ofx-to-qbo-file-converter

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Webconnect sucks!

Remove the online banking setup from the account you're trying to import into, by editing it from the chart of accounts.

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Upload bank data from excel

You can import transactions from an Excel worksheet by first converting the data to an IIF file

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Multiple rental properties

Use Classes and view your Profit & Loss by Class report.

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Import from Quicken to Quickbooks

see the article for details support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/HOW12609

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