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Can I import the journal entries to QB for Mac 2014?

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My accountant is on QB for Windows.  I have QB for Mac 2014.  He sent me a Journal report as a pdf file.  Is there anyway to import that using the “Import General Journal Entries ” feature?  If not, is there another file format he can send me that will work?

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1 Answers

  1. Tim Sherwood on Mar 27, 2014 reply

    To import general journal entries:

    1 Choose File > Import > General Journal Entries.

    2 Select the .qbj file containing the entries you want to import, and click Open.

    3 Select the journal entries you want to import, or click Select All, then click Import.

    4 Click OK to back up your company file.

    5 Review the entries that were posted, if you’d like, then click OK.

    The entries appear in registers, reports, and in the General Journal window, just like they would if you had entered them manually.

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