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How do I Repair Quickbooks Negative Quantity on Hand?

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How do I fix the Quickbooks negative QOH that is causing the following issues:

1. A new inventory item has no average cost.

2. Negative inventory causes incorrect COGS.

3. Negative inventory causes errors on vendor reports.

4. Inventory Assemblies show incorrect COGS on job costing reports.

5. Negative inventory can put your cash or accrual basis balance sheet out of balance.



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1 Answers

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    admin on Mar 06, 2016 reply

    To fix the negative inventory issue, you will need to either go through your data file and readjust the dates of the transactions to ensure that purchase transactions come before sales transactions.

    Here is a detailed step by step tutorial:

    Alternatively, you can use a data repair service that will eliminate negative inventory from the data file:


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