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IIF general Journal Import…daily summary, not individual transactions

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The data I need to import is in the following format.  It is a daily summary from a customer sales database and shows the daily sales and the source and distribution account totals.  they average about 25 lines

acct #     acct name     trans #       date                                debit        credit        net

200          cash                 1             01012012 18:24                0           1150        -1150

each line is independant but the total of all debits and credits balance.  the daily summary may reflect hundreds of transactions and those details arent important, just the totals.  I interpret the IIF format to require at least two lines for every transaction and in this each line is complete.  So can I take each line of this and only use the NET column?  In essence have a TRNS  line that is 0(dont know what account) and then follow that with 25 SPL lines showing the account name and the net?.

Support for IIF general Journal Import…daily summary, not individual transactions
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1 Answers

  1. Clive Owen on Nov 05, 2015 reply

    Yes, you can do that as long as you use an account on the TRNS line and the SPL rows’ amounts all add up to 0.00 net.

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