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Quickbooks Runtime Error R6025

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QuickBooks Performance Issues & Program Errors

I am have a Runtime error R6025 with Quickbooks 2009 NonProfit version. I get error when I quiet QB. Now I am expericing problems when I make deposits. All invoices show up as a payment in the ledger and the entire deposit shows up as deposit.

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1 Answers

  1. Tim Sherwood on Mar 27, 2014 reply

    1- Close down the program entirely that threw the R6205 runtime error message. Press “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” and select “Start Task Manager.”

    2-Click the “Processes” tab and click on the “Image Name” column header. Scroll down through the list of programs and check to make sure the original program that gave the error message is not on the list. Click on the name of the program if it is in the list and choose “End Process.”

    3-Close the task manager window and click the Windows “Start” button. Select “Control Panel” and choose “Uninstall a Program” under the Programs section. Select from the list of currently installed programs the program that caused the error and click “Uninstall.

    4-Click on the Windows “Start” button, type “cleanmgr” into the Search field and press “Enter.” Click on “Files from all users” if it asks and select “Continue.” Choose the drive where the program was installed, check the boxes next to “Temporary Internet Files,” “Temporary Files,” “Recycle Bin,” “Downloaded Program Files” and “Setup Log Files.” Click “OK” and select “Delete Files.”

    5-Wait for the program to finish cleaning the files on your hard drive. Re-start the computer. Insert the installation CD for the program you deleted earlier or go to the website of the manufacturer and download the program again. Install the program.

    6-Open the software program by double-clicking on its desktop icon or clicking on the name of the program in the “Start” menu under All Programs. Attempt to use the program to make sure the runtime error message does not appear again.

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